Timber is the oldest most appealing natural furniture making resource in the world. It’s timeless beauty, resilience and flexibility in design application makes it the preferred choice for craftsmen furniture makers still today. Solid Timber Furniture can be anything you want & need it to be – innovative, practical, functional, versatile, simple, complex, from the sublime to the surreal, it’s the ideal natural, renewable environmentally friendly furniture making resource. Wood is naturally better than other materials such as metal or glass. Timber products play a significant role in reducing global warming – greenhouse gas emissions.

When compared with many other building materials, the production of timber requires less energy in harvesting, transportation & manufacturing processes. Purchasing Solid Timber Furniture is an environmentally friendly way you can reduce your carbon footprint whilst creating something functional and beautiful for your home environment that will stand the test of time.


The new Lifecycle Range range of products features re-claimed timbers. Recycled telegraph poles from Queensland, the timbers are Iron bark, Spotted Gum and Messmate. Taking this resource and giving it a new lease on life by creating exciting new innovative furniture options for our customers. Some timbers are already have 50-80 years of history and character in each board. Using re-claimed ‘discarded’ timbers for furniture is an effective way to minimise your carbon foot-print and make something old, new again. The results are outstanding and worth considering when next making your furniture purchasing decision. Something very different , that will always stimulate your senses and inspire your creative side.

There is nothing else like-it. Wood is naturally better!


Lifestyle Furniture is a partner of the Wood Naturally Better marketing campaign. The goal is to promote a more sustainable way of living and working with timber.