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Wood and Fabric Care


Keep your furniture looking its best with Guardsman Wood Care Collection, including a 5 Year Product Warranty, complete with a total care and maintenance system for the ultimate wood furniture care.

With the guardsman Wood Care Collection & Fabric protection and a small amount of TLC,  you can protect and maintain your new wood furntiure which should give you and your family years of enjoyable use.

Correct and regular use of the Guardsman wood care and repair products will assist in maintaining the quality of your new valuable wood investment, as well as retain its beauty and appearance.

A recognised expert in producing wood finishes to furniture manufacturers since 1915. Guardsman understands wood. As a mark of quality, all of Guardsman wood furniture products contain no harmful silicones or waxes that can damage your wood furniture.*

The Wood Care and Fabric Protection Kit will cover the following accidental stains and damages:

  • Foods YES
    Beverages YES
    Cosmetics YES
    Glue YES
    Superglues YES
    Tar YES
    Bathroom Soaps YES
    Ink YES
    Wax YES
    Wax Polish YES
    Human and Pet Bodily Fluids YES
    Acids Bleach YES
    Caustic Solutions YES
    Corrosive Substances YES
    Paint YES
    (Inc. Indelible ink and Tumeric)
    Rips YES
    Cuts YES
    Tears YES
    Bnsur YES


The Guardsman® Wood Care Collection Plus Fabric includes:

1 x 354g Wood Cleaner Aerosol

1 x 354g Wood Protector Aerosol

1 x Ultimate Dusting Cloth

1 x Ring & Mark Remover

1 x Packet of Wood Filler Sticks

1 x Packet of Wood Touch Up Markers

1 x Fabric Protector

(Applicator Cloths also included).

5 Year Product Warranty terms and conditions booklet


Warranty is only applied on new orders, purchasing the Wood care warranty after recieving the goods will not apply the 5 year warranty to the product. For further enquires please contact the shop.

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