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Koppar King Bed – European Oak

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This highly anticipated range from Karpenter goes by the name of Koppar. This stunning King size bed is made with solid European White Oak adds an alluring, luxuriant and warm tone to the natural, solid used to create the piece and features a timeless modern design with smooth curves that will be the beautiful and peaceful addition to your bedroom. Surprising features abound within the headboard. Discreetly settled behind these wonderful slatted features is a generous supply of storage, enough to accommodate quilts, pillows and just about anything you wish to stash. The three shelves nestled deep within the headboard offer discretion and purpose, a surprising, unexpected and delightful resource. This beautiful piece of furniture that is both practical and embracing of true artistry. The Koppar range is enhanced with the use of beautiful copper accents.

The bed comes with a solid pine slat system. Mattress is not included.

*Timber is a natural material. Variation in appearance and properties is an enticing part of designing and building with real timber! Each fibre in each plank in each project is uniquely designed by nature.

(King) W 236 x D 225 x H 100 cm

This item is currently in production and available for preorder. Preorder to secure yours now or make an enquiry below. ETA: Sep 30, 2022

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