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Guardsman Filler Sticks


Formulated to meet the needs of furniture repair professionals, manufacturers, and retailers, Guardsman Wood Filler Sticks help you fill deep scratches and gouges in finished wood or simulated wood furniture, antiques, woodwork, picture frames, cabinets, counters, doors, floors, panelling, and molding.
Quickly and easily fill in deep scratches, gouges, and nail holes to keep wood looking its best.

  • – Quickly repair scratches and blemishes that go beyond the surface and require filling
  • – Won’t shrink, dry out, discolour, or rub off
  • – No mess, instant results
  • – Colours matched to the most popular wood finishes


Each package includes five wood filler sticks (black, white, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown), plus one sharpener.

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