Lifestyle Furniture originated in Geelong, Victoria Australia in 1989 started by my parents, Joe and Marion. They bought a timber furniture business in Geelong. I was 16 at the time. I loved woodwork at high school and was soon going into the workshop on weekends with Dad making timber furniture for our clients.

We quickly outgrew our little workshop as our business expanded and then we opened another showroom in Nunawading, so I left University and moved to Melbourne in 1995 to help run the family business, Lifestyle Furniture.

A passion for quality Australian timber furniture was the hallmark of our furniture range then and still is today.

Over 70% of our furniture range is Australian Made because we believe Australian crafted furniture, made from select Australian Hardwoods is the best in the world, the other 30% is carefully selected with the same focus on quality and is no less well made or beautiful. The defining difference is Australian Made – we proudly support Australian Made.


Today, Lifestyle Furniture Nunawading has one of the largest displays of quality timber furniture in Victoria. Our Australian made focus allows us to present a range with an infinite number of variations available.

Our custom design and build services means we have millions of options to help you achieve the look your after for your home, to suit your lifestyle.

We invite you in to experience the woody aromas of our timber collection and understand why clients spontaneously say “Wow” when they walk through the doors and see the range for the first time in our 10,000sq foot showroom.

My team and I have over 100 years combined experience in timber furniture and we are here to help. At Lifestyle we love beautiful quality timber furniture because no two timber boards are the same, each has its unique timber signature and character, making each piece of furniture stunning in its own way.

We are grateful to our past and present clients and look forward to helping you with your timber furniture needs in the near future.

Our Focus for the last 31 years

We have supported Australian made furniture for over 31 years now and over 70% of our annual turnover is Australian Made.

We are not jumping on the COVID bandwagon, we have been driving the wagon for 31 years. We have always been committed to locally sourced products and always will be.

Lifestyle Furniture is a 100% Australian owned family business.

Australian made is in our DNA.

Australian made is a conscious choice, I often relate a story to clients in the showroom about buying myself a Guitar 15 years ago. I purchased a Maton Guitar made in Box Hill Melbourne. My family pointed out the cheaper guitars in the music shop and reminded me I am an average guitarist (which is true !) but I happily paid the extra for the Maton because it was Australian Made, made locally.

Lifestyle Furniture’s range is 70% locally made and we clearly mark all our Australian Made products with our AUSTRALIA MADE logo in store and on this website.

Our Aussie products can usually be tailor made to meet your personal requirements. The products that display this logo are proudly Australian Made by Australians for Australians.

Beautiful premium quality furniture featuring innovative design, precision craftsmanship and finishes. The grain in each piece of furniture is natures work of art. Crafted with excellence in workmanship, detail and function.


Australia is home to some of the most beautiful hardwoods anywhere in the world. Our beautiful country is blessed with an abundance of renewable natural resources – timber is one of them. From the early settlers to modern times, Australian’s have been using wood as a main resource in the building & furnishing industries. Australian Hardwood timbers are perfect for crafting durable, functional and stunning premium quality furniture that stands the test of time. Australia is recognised internationally for fine timber furniture. Australian craftsmen and women have set the standard in solid hardwood furniture design and build excellence for over 100 years.

Australian Timber furniture is precision built to exacting specification from sustainably harvested & re-claimed timbers by true furniture makers, it’s an Australian iconic art form not to be lost!


Mark Mortelliti